Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Grand Houses

[Maryanne]Burghley House is a very grand house (more like a palace) that was built at the Time of Elizabeth the 1st (mid to late 1500’s). if Angie is reading this, by William Cecil, great friend and advisor to Queen Elizabeth 1st. I remember as a child, going to the grounds to watch my Dad play cricket. The location is famous internationally as the host of the Burghley Horse trials, quite a huge show jumping event. It is also the house that the recent version of Pride and Prejudice was filmed in. But mostly it is an amazingly well kept example of grand living. I can’t really begin to describe how beautiful the house is, the grounds, and all the furniture. Of course every room, picture and ornament is dripping with history. It must be 20 years since I last visited the house, and I went this time with my parents.

Additionally we visited the sculpture garden, and the new Garden of surprises, full of quaint and fun water and other features. I am so glad that we got to spend a great sunny day, in such a beautiful setting. Quite a dose of Britain just before I leave.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I keep saying this, but it's true - I'm just so pleased you had this time in England w/ your family/friends before setting off with Kyle. I loved the setting for that version of Pride & Prejudice, and now I know why. Magnificent place! (kate)