Sunday, April 27, 2008

Maryanne's Life On A Boat

Cooking aboardWaiting for the word to deploy anchor - tough life
[Maryanne]This week, I spent time while Kyle was at work, getting some projects completed on the boat - namely sealing the edges of the floor panels, hopefully protecting them from any future rotting problems. Life is settling down to me, and I am happy to wake when I'm ready, and take an afternoon nap if I feel like it. I find time to read, and just sit, but also progress with chores - all at my own pace. Basically enjoying retirement

Of course all this work, allows for us to go sailing "Play time" once Kyle comes home.. Here are pictures of me cooking (Free range - Coq-au-vin) and waiting to deploy the anchor while Kyle finds just the right spot for us to spend an evening.

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