Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Price of Gas / Petrol

[Maryanne]Everyone in the UK, and back in the USA seems to ask the price of petrol; so here goes. Firstly some basic units. A US Gallon is not the standard gallon that everyone else uses, it is actually smaller. A US Gal is 3.785 Litres, a standard gallon is 4.546 Litres.

Petrol in the UK is sold by the Litre, in the USA by the US Gallon.

Price of a litre of petrol in the UK is currently around £1.079/Liter – approximately £4.085/US gallon or just over $8 a US Gallon.

Price of a US gallon of regular “gas” in VA, USA is around $3.20 – which is approximately £.423/Litre.

Most UK petrol costs are deliberate taxes, designed to discourage driving and encourage fuel efficent cars, walking and public transport, and also (I assume) to fund road projects.

The recent budget in the UK, means the tax on petrol prices is scheduled to increase again shortly. Get out your bike! Sailboats are Great!

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