Monday, June 14, 2010

That’s more like it!

Goodbye Skjerjehamn, Hello Bergen

[Kyle]The weather had cleared overnight and the wind had died down to a more sensible level. We woke to a bright, sunny day in Skjerjehamn. The large crew of Svanhind was busy preparing to return the ship to her home port of Florø, to the north. Once they saw us up and about, several of them came over to talk to us about our travels and to tell us about theirs aboard the ship.

As soon as we pulled out of the marina for our trip south, we hoisted the mainsail, unrolled the screacher and sailed the whole way to Bergen. We sailed down the narrow channels between rocky islands. We sailed across fjords and gaps where the North Sea swell reached us. We sailed under bridges and through deep valleys. Some the sail was really fast, some of it was drifting through wind shadows with the sails just hanging there but all of it was downwind in bright sunshine. It sure helped make up for the day before.

We arrived at the Vågen in Bergen just as a cruise ship was spinning around to leave. Its passengers were all out on deck snapping pictures and waving at anything nearby. Once they ware out of the way, we went into the harbor, looking for a place to top up our fuel and water. We found the station, but there was a sign saying it was Stengt on Sunday – Closed. Maryanne had me drop her off anyway and quickly surmised that, even though the station was closed, the pumps still worked as long as a credit card was used. That was nice. It saved us making a stop on the way out.

A great day sailing

[Maryanne]P.S. Congratulations all of our regular readers - you've just completed post number 400!!!

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