Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sailing with the Parents

Parents go sailing... Smiles despite the rain

[Kyle]We were up early the next morning for a sailing tour of Cork Harbour in the newly Bristol Footprint. As it had been for the entire week, the weather was pleasant one minute, cold, rainy and windy the next. We started by going out into a pretty rough open sea for a look at a couple of lighthouses. Maryanne’s parents took that much better than expected. After that, we did a downwind sail all the way into Cork, passing the pretty little town of Cobh (pronounced ‘cove’), with its enormous cathedral, finally getting to see some of the familiar sights from the water. We even got to see a lone seal way up there. On the way back to Crosshaven, we took a side trip and headed through the lovely canyon of the East Passage around Cobh before Maryanne’s Dad steered us home.

Sights on route - Cobh and the BlackRock Castle on the River Lee

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