Tuesday, May 03, 2011

We arrived!

We arrived in Pauillac and are now safely tied to the dock! One of our first human sights was a woman walking her poodle.

so French!

No Internet connection right now, but hopefully soon. So this is just a quick message via the sat phone.


kate said...

Congratulations Maryanne & Kyle! So happy you've arrived safely. Hope you do something quintessentially French to celebrate. I have no idea what that would be - but it would perhaps involve cigarettes, a few snide remarks about American puritanism, and slightly more underarm hair than you're used to. Oh hahaha! Kidding. I kid the French!

Karen said...

Yay! Another crossing to add to your list. :-) Although it sounded like a relatively uneventful voyage, I bet your frustration on the slow days was a different sort of obstacle to overcome. But as usual, you both came through unscathed. ;-) Congrats!

Looking forward to beautiful pictures and wonderful stories on your trip through France.

Happy sails!

SteveP (KSS) said...

Glad you got there in one piece. You'll be glad to know Manchester has returned to its usual dull grey after a couple of weeks of glorious sunshine.

You're already being missed here.

I'm sure you've earned a good sleep and a decent meal. I'm sure you can find somewhere nice to eat in France. If you can't then you mustn't be trying very hard :-)

Hope you have a good weekend

Tom said...

Hi, Glad you made it that far. Laura has said that you should stop off at Carcassonne. Its apparently stunningly beautiful and the castle was used for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves as Nottingham Castle. The photos I've just seen are amazing!

Janet said...

Hi , glad you both made it and without too much trouble. looking forward to seeing all your pictures some time. Take time for a good rest and some nice food before tackling the canals